About Me

27yr old female, working as a junior doctor in Manchester. Daydreams are numerous and varied but hopefully I am heading towards one of them. I love doing things myself and some of my daydreams feature self sustainable living, a mini farm, anything ranging from a vegetable garden and chickens up to my own goats and my dream pig called Samuel. She will be a female pig and I will eat her piglets. I made a pact once with one of my closest friends that she would buy me a pig for my 30th birthday to make sure this wasnt a dream that I put off indefinitely. I don’t know when I made this pact but I clearly thought I would be ‘sorted’ by 30. I hope she will reconsider this and maybe push it back to 40…

I dream of owning my own house filled with beautiful homemade things where I can cook and play and be merry. Sometimes I dream of being an actress, a director, or running away to live on a farm somewhere. I also dream of being a morris dancing blacksmith. Or an adventurer. Sometimes I dream of my own family, and maybe fostering. I dream of publishing my own novel. We’ll see where my path takes me, and in the mean time, I will chatter on here for a while!