Moving To A Small Island

I moved (again, yes).


Bailiwick of Jersey, a crown dependency of the UK. Its just off the coast of Normandy, with a population of around 103,000.


I arrived on Monday evening, following an 11 hour ferry trip from Portsmouth, started work on Wednesday, and am feeling really positive about the next 6 months! Moving was a big hassle, lots of driving up and down the country, digging up the wheelbarrow herb garden (devastating) and tricky decisions about what to take with me. Arriving hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing either. 72hrs without a phone including 24hrs without any access to the internet was EXTREMELY challenging for my state of mind aside from the practical challenges that that brought with it. Then there was having my cards decline/getting my card blocked when trying to get national insurance/tax sorted out for work followed by crying in the street (I don’t think anyone noticed) and an emergency call on a pay phone! As if this wasn’t enough I forgot to pack any socks.

Some of you may know that I have a bit of a hang up about socks. I like to pack about 3 pairs per day on a holiday. Its all tied up with a ¬†girl-guides camping trip I went on (who knows how old i was) where I forgot to pack socks and it was super muddy and I was homesick and really anxious throughout the entire trip and all the anxiety focused on the lack of socks somehow…

However these challenges have all been overcome and I found myself on a half day today so this afternoon went adventuring, and wanted to share my first photographs of this lovely island.

This is the beach that is about a 1 minute walk from my flat:


So far I have learnt that:

  • There is a significant Portuguese contingent on the island
  • Lots of shops don’t take card, some have minimum card payments of up to ¬£10!
  • Food is expensive
  • I prioritised buying teabags, milk and soft loo roll over any food
  • Telling people that I have relatives in Guernsey may be a no no (I hope that this advice was given as a joke…)
  • I can’t tell what the accent is yet, there are so many people from all over the place, especially in the hospital
  • You pay to see a GP but hospital treatment is free
  • Its very windy
  • There is no car park for the hospital….
  • Pound notes!!
  • There are still BBC and ITV on the television and its the same area code

These pictures are from the beach across the other side of the harbour:


I’m intrigued by the giant Lidos. I kind of want to swim in them, but I’m also quite wary (scared) and want to see some other people in them first!


To finish here are some pretty buildings, and one of the quotes they have in the paving slabs.


Hope you enjoyed! I’m looking forward to lots of coastal photos (and runs, and walks, and cycles…) over the next 6 months! One day I would really love to take a photography course.


Ps does anyone know what to do when the WordPress photo up-loader decides that the orientation of my photo is not the way I actually want it? It doesn’t seem to matter how I have saved it in the file, it just does its own thing with no way of changing it! Any advice appreciated…