First Bullet Journal

I jumped the gun and instead of waiting for January I tried new me at the beginning of November (see previous post) and it has been… a mixed success. Slightly healthier food I think but sadly no weight loss. I have been doing well with my running plan including a 55 minute run on Christmas day! However I have not manage to save any money, this skill still alludes me. But it was Christmas. Which was always going to be bad for my waist and my bank balance right?

So the same resolutions still stand for January, but maybe I need some new tools??? I love lists, I love notebooks, I love nice stationary in general, I LOVE stickers… so when I read my first blog post about bullet journals I was literally blown away (sorry I can’t link it I have no idea which it was there are so many out there).

HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING????? Maybe it hasn’t really reached the UK in a big way?

Needless to say I have started my own. My very first. I have decided to keep it simple to start with, I know I won’t keep it up if I start by decorating every page immaculately. I will add pages as it occurs to me that I need them, and beautify as I go along. I have lots of stickers that I havn’t used as I feel like maybe I should earn them?

So I’m going to share it with you, I really have high hopes about its usefulness, and want to spread the word to other people who might feel as mind blown as I did! Alternatively everyone else already knows and I have been inside some sort of cupboard…

Just in case you don’t know the concept is to use a notebook with either a dotted or squares background to make your own diary/journal/planner. Allowing you to put in the layout and pages that YOU want, rather than what the manufacturer wants to use which never seems to be quite right. For those of us that have spent the last 6 months carrying around a giant A3 wall planner as our only diary (and making people post it when it gets forgotten), this is a definite improvement!

So I have used the following pages so far:

  • Index page. Apparently this is an absolute must. I’m not convinced myself but maybe as my book fills up…
    • 20170106_174804
  • Future log. Again I’m not sure on this, I have used it to just write down really big dates for the year ahead
    • 20170106_174754
  • Year overview. I really made this too small to be that useful except for seeing where weekends are I suppose. Maybe I will have to do a bigger one at some point not really sure.
    • 20170106_175756
  • Month overview, I will do each month as it becomes necessary rather than having them all at the beginning I think, then move things onto it from future log. Marathon training plan has also gone straight onto this!
    • 20170106_174744
  • Regular to-do lists…. so far I have filled 2 pages. They aren’t currently colour coded but I think I will introduce a colour scheme depending on urgency
    • 20170106_174738
  • Daily Log. I’m using this kind of as a diary so I write down ‘have done’ lists and things I want to remember on here.  I’m really enjoying doing this! Think I’m going to try signing off each day with something positive that has happened. Maybe with a sticker…
    • 20170106_174719
  • Jobs log. This is kind of like a mini sticker chart, a reminder of jobs that I want to start becoming a habit, such as regularly logging onto online banking so I know actually whats going on rather than going for the ostrich approach to finances… (This one is colour coded! 🙂 ) I’ve split them into weekly jobs, 2-3x per week and daily jobs. Then I get a little heart when I have done it.
    • 20170106_174704

So that’s all so far, as I said before I would love to get some advice on how to make the most out of this kind of journal! Hope you enjoyed.


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