A tomato and a sewing project

I HAVE ONE RED TOMATO. Its November and as stated on my last post I have given up hope, but I tried out a few tips people gave me to ripen tomatoes indoors and one of them worked! So some of the tomatoes I had to take off rapidly blackening plants I wrapped in a kitchen towel and put in a drawer on the instructions of a next door neighbour. When I checked back on these they were very much mouldy. The next lot I put on a plate in the windowsill and forgot about. 3 weeks later I took a look, most were shrivelled up but one, bizarrely was RED.

I have to say, it just tasted like a standard tomato. Not sure that it was worth the effort really…


In other news I’m so proud of this quilt that I made for my close friend’s newborn I couldn’t resist showing it off… but I’ll throw in some tips for anyone looking for project ideas.

Firstly: It is extremely hard to get hold of Peter Rabbit original illustration print in the UK. I had a few sagas of ordering fabric to find it was sold out, or in fact ordering it and receiving completely the wrong fabric! After a long chat with a lady in a Beatrix Potter shop in Stoke-on-Trent it seems that this is to do with the licensing, the whole brand has been re-licensed since the new cartoon – despite this having completely different drawings! I think I sourced mine from Etsy in the end.

Secondly: If you want to do a patchwork quilt, my advice, which I cannot stress enough, is that you should only do patchwork on ONE SIDE. You can see my design in the photos below, and the extreme effort that went into making sure all the patches were sewn precisely the same distance apart and that when I put all the sides together they would line up perfectly was just completely ridiculous. I will not be doing this again, next time, one side patch, one side plain.

Thirdly: Choose a fabric that will suit quilting. Don’t get me wrong I could not love the Beatrix Potter brushed cotton any more than I do. Its probably my favourite fabric I have ever used. However it just didn’t have a pattern that I wanted to ruin by covering in quilting lines. On my Grandma’s advice I solved this by doing kind of spot quilting so that although it didn’t affect the pattern the two sides stayed together.

Fourthly: Use fabric conditioner when you wash something for a baby, I was so pleased with how soft the brushed cotton was for a baby blanket but it just wasn’t the same after it went through the wash without fabric conditioner. Sad face.

And lastly: triple check your address when you post something you have put this much time, effort and love into. This parcel went missing for a few weeks much to my absolute horror. It turns out the recipient had given me the wrong postcode, but many thanks to the Royal Mail it found its way to the right place eventually.



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