An Amusing Anecdote

The following post came up on my Facebook page today as an ‘on this day 2 years ago’ post. It is just such a brilliant story that I really can’t resist sharing it all over again…

An interesting evening: Fell asleep whilst cooking soup, only to be awoken by the VERY LOUD fire alarm, couldn’t work out how to turn off said fire alarm after removing charcoal soup from the grill so opened upstairs windows and front and back doors, stepped out of front door to get away from noise so I could ring an absent housemate or two to find out how to silence the alarm. Front door slams shut behind me and I am trapped on the street in only my pyjamas (no shoes, no underwear, no hiding the fact that they were clearly pyjamas). I ring housemates to ask for assistance, no one answers, I message them, consider what to do and then phone promptly dies. Consider basement window: too small, consider climbing over bike shed and manage to get up onto it before deciding the roof cannot take my weight. Find a long stick and spend a while trying to open the door with a stick through the letter box. Eventually arm starts to go numb and I realise that I need a new plan. Neither next door neighbour seems to be in so no hope for the sides of the house. I consider walking to Alberts’, the restaurant where one of my housemates works to get her key but am not sure she would appreciate me rocking up at work looking like this. Especially as I don’t know where the back entrance is. So I walk all the way down Northen Grove, Barlow Moor Road and then Burton Road (for those who don’t live in Manchester, fairly busy roads) – with no shoes or underwear and clutching a tea towel like a crazy woman. I manage to walk past the mosque just as everyone was leaving and got some VERY odd looks, eventually find the back of my house but the fence is too tall. I have to knock on a random persons door to ask for assistance to break into my house. Luckily some very friendly people saw the funny side and helped me over the fence. After some moments of relief, and pondering the continuing alarm next door (I’m suprised no one has called the police yet) our neighbour/handyman returns home and comes over to tell me how to turn off the fire alarm. Peace is finally restored. Apologies to the owner of the pan…

The pan owner was very forgiving 🙂



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