Positive Beginnings

It’s all change in my life at the moment. (I’m going to ignore the political climate in this positive post) I could have referred to this period in many ways, ‘challenging changes’, ‘stressful moves’, ‘flailing at adulting’, ‘a journey towards unemployment’ are just a couple of examples that spring to mind… However, despite the difficulties associated with the practicalities of all this change I have positive feelings about this new chapter that I’m embarking on so rather than focusing on the chaos of the interim I am going to focus on ‘Positive beginnings.’

One of my changes is that I have moved house. Not only have I moved but so did my 7 house plants, the strawberries, tomatoes, wheelbarrow herb garden and my multitude of other pots. Onto a second floor balcony.

Needless to say moving a wheelbarrow full of soil with a non-functioning wheel was nothing short of a challenge. No spillages and the wheelbarrow remained intact, however I’m not sure if I can see the same for one of the bones in my finger. There was a small (well not so small really) incident of dropping the wheelbarrow, trapping my fingers between a metal bar and the rim of the moving van. There were a lot of tears and ice, and it did make the rest of the move a little challenging seeing as I could no longer grip with my right hand but, despite this, we made it.

And so starts the new beginning of LIVING WITH A BOY. He is a very lovely, extremely clean and tidy boy but it is a shock to the system nonetheless. I have moved into his flat, meaning we are currently in a period of slowly integrating my belongings and trying to make the flat feel like ‘our’ home instead of his. It’s the first time that I havent been completely in charge of my own space, laundry, shopping etc since I left home. However, I have faith that things will settle down and we will love spending time at home together 🙂

The plants have coped very well with move. Atticus II, Arthur and Adelaide got re-potted before the move into some proper indoor pots that are a bit more boyfriend friendly, with some nice stones to hide the soil. Antoine and Fizz have been looking a lot more healthy since being moved out of direct sunlight. The Tomatoes have had a growth spurt since I started feeding them with tomato food – although no signs of any flowers yet :-(. The wheelbarrow is overflowing as per usual, I am trying to keep on top of the pruning to stop the oregano flowering although this is proving quite challenge. My geranium has burst into splendid red flowers and, most excitingly, I have had some strawberries to eat!!! The birds got their hands on a few before I realised the were ready, I was very confused at finding a half eaten strawberry dropped in the herb garden! I did try, slightly half-heartedly, to take some rose cuttings from my old house, I didn’t have any root hormone which the internet tells me I need, I simply took 3 cuttings at 45 degrees and plonked them into some wet soil. 2 of the cutting wilted away within a few days but 12 days later one of them is still looking pretty alive….

The caterpillar in this photo is from a rusty tusker moth, a very funky looking specimen which I have had about 5 of so far, I look forward to having a family in the future and having an excuse to bring him inside and watch him turn into a moth! The strawberries are small and bizarrely shaped but very tasty and extremely sweet! Bizarrely my big Albion strawberry plants havn’t even put flowers out yet, I shall have to investigate if they are a late-blooming variety.

The other big change for me is my career. I have resigned from a job that I thought was a good choice for potentially a good work-life balance but unfortunately it just didn’t give me a buzz. If I already don’t feel passionate about my job at 27 there isn’t much hope for the rest of my career and I knew that I would absolutely hate leaving my children at home to go to work in a job that I felt so ambivalent about. The ability to resign is a privilege that I know can have much worse implications for different professions, or people in different walks of life. It wasnt a decision I took lightly – even knowing that I will be able to find an income resigning is a huge step, and for me it was certainly an emotional roller coaster. I am very grateful for the opportunity I now have to have a year or two of locuming, holidays, gardening, writing and generally taking charge of my own life before embarking on my next training programme. Bring on the independence, bring on the autonomy, bring on the freedom and the future!


PS Should I call it balconying now that my plants live on a balcony and not a garden?


7 thoughts on “Positive Beginnings

  1. Phil Huston says:

    “He is a very lovely, extremely clean and tidy boy but it is a shock to the system nonetheless.”

    You mentioned somewhere about your novel aspirations. That line right there is either a flash fiction short story, or the part of the opening chapter of a very interesting book. It could go anywhere. It already has. I’ll paraphrase it, of course, but what a great line!


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