A Button Lampshade and the first fruits of my labour

Last night I made a button lampshade. Button lampshade number one, that I originally made three years ago as a procrastination from finals, unfortunately had broken (probably from being battered by my flailing sleeping arms and a few too many knocks to the floor). Armed with the leftover buttons, some new ones from my mum, and some that I had bought in cute shops in york and a craft tent at a steam fair I was ready for lampshade number 2.

The first time round I had used superglue to stick the buttons on which was definitely quicker but expensive and I lost all of the skin on my finger tips in the process. This time I opted for pva: cheaper and easier on the fingers but does need a lot of drying time – this time I had to leave the lampshade one side up for about 24hrs before I could move it without the buttons sliding, meaning the lampshade had to be completed over a series of days.

It is still a bit gappy as being bigger than my previous lampshade it needs more buttons to cover it but I actually am quite enjoying the effect the gaps give – and I can always add more buttons at a later date! I love this lamp (because i really love buttons…) both in the daytime off but also at night when all the light comes shining out through all the button holes!

I have also recently been able to start enjoying the delights of my herb garden! I have now had the pleasure of both a lemon verbena tea (which I highly recommend) and a mint tea with the curly mint which I enjoyed both with and without sugar. I did learn a lesson about washing my herbs after I poured hot water onto the lemon verbena leaves only to discover there were a fair few flies floating in my tea!

I have also eaten some of my sage, and some of my oregano, both in stuffed in chicken.

For the sage, I chopped up a handful and mixed it in with butter and a small amount of wholegrain mustard and stuffed it into some chicken breasts before wrapping them in prosciutto. I then started by browning them in the frying pan before finishing them up in the oven – I mixed the left over butter mixture in with the mashed potatoes which was also delicious!

For the oregano, I decided to try to be slightly healthier so I simply stuffed the bare leaves into the chicken breast, placed the chicken on a bed of spinach, seasoned with salt and pepper, wrapped them in foil and oven cooked them – and they were delicious!

To top off all this productivity and positive energy I popped out into the garden today to do some watering and the daily de-snailing of my strawberry pot to find this beauty:


I know I was supposed to encourage my strawberries to put down roots by taking off most of the flowers but I couldn’t resist leaving a couple and I’m so glad I did!

But now its off to the shops for dinner ingredients, maybe its time to use the parsley…



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