Experimenting with Seeds

My first seed project was a disaster. Not a major disaster like the time i took my bonsai tree out of its pot, cut of all of its roots and soaked it in water allowing all of the soil to wash away in an effort to bring it back to life. No surprises that the bonsai tree is no more. The seed project was just a minor disaster in that I managed to grow a small city of mushrooms which proceeded to deposit ash like spores all over the windowsill. Those containers went in the bin. No one needs that.

I have now started some more seed projects which I don’t doubt will have mixed results. In the summer sun of the weekend I decided to go ahead and plant all the seeds that I had left in a combination of the small pots that I took my herbs out of and some upcycled hanging baskets. Yet again inspired by pinterest I tried to make hanging baskets out of plastic bottles.

It probably could have gone better. Firstly I had to fish them out of the recycling bin so they were a little on the stinky side, secondly because I was over ambitious with the size of the hole in the top so the milk bottles really collapsed and probably aren’t going to be able to structurally able to support any flowers and lastly because despite the vast quantities of holes I made in them they seemed to remain waterlogged.

The pots didn’t go much better mostly because I completely didnt pay attention to which ones I had planted and which I hadn’t so I may have two empty pots and two completely over filled ones!

But we shall wait and see…

My second experiment involves a tomato seed set that my brother bought me for my birthday. After I had planted them I was informed that it may be too late for tomato seeds but my mum says that in that if they don’t ripen I will just have to make a lot of chutney!

The kit came with 6 types of bizarre tomato seeds, some strange expandable soil disks, some small pots and plastic bags to work as mini greenhouses. A fun and easy activity that will hopefully have some interesting, if not perfect, results. Apparently marigolds make good companion plants for tomatoes so I am thinking tomato and marigold window boxes?

Looking forward to be able to do updates on these guys!



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